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of us. you're in the 99%. 57ped i watched them say to these officers, what would your mother think of what you're doing. and i thought, wow, the whole world needs to hear about that. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> that's better. >> good evening, supervisors. my name is charlie pappas. congratulations on returning to your chambers. i'm here tonight because i would like to occupy the chambers i have as your neighbor seven or eight blocks away. i'd like to continue my lease and that would be a divinity co op. we are a medical can biss dispensary. the reason i'm worried about continuing our lease is because our very supportive landlord has received a 45-day notice. they got it 25 days ago. we may close in 25 days not because our landlord wants us to close because they are fearful that our 2,500 patients won't be able to be served. we're very fearful. it's 50/2450 we'll close, if not more -- it's 50/50 that we'll close, if not more. there is a time line for us. i'm hoping with all the strong, eloquent, intelligent words you listen to, you might come up with some
us when our daughter is long. i have not heard any articles about how short it is. i am quite proud of that. president mazzucco: great work. i appreciate that. item number three, general public comment. secretary falvey: the public is welcome to address the commission regarding items that do not appear on this agenda but that are within the shot that matter jurisdiction of the commission. speakers address their remarks to the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners or department or personnel. under police commission rules of order, during public comment, either police or occ personnel, nor commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by the public and but, they provide a brief response. individual commissioners and police and occ personnel should refrain, however, from entering into any debate or discussion with speakers during public comment. please limit your comments to 3 minutes. president mazzucco: could we have the first member of the public come on up? good evening, clyde. >> and let me compliment to tenderloin police officers for their brave
code. commissioner borden: i think it would be useful to have a joint hearing with of the department of building inspection because there is an issue around fees and we have changed the process to deal with that issue. it is a big problem that they don't fly all for occupancy. i think the other issue that we generally talked about is what real estate agents represent and we see it all the time. it is sometimes contrary to what the code actually says. i don't know how we can come down on those agents. denny's to be a conversation, maybe have someone from the association of realtors here to talk about this issue because this is not the first kind of case we have had like this. they are innocent i think in this situation. >> v three r report, it is something that the building department maintains. that typically says, that is what we rely on for the number of units in a building. it is something that has to be generated around the time of the transfer. maybe that is why the issue has come up as much. since is live work, it is not subject to the requirements. commissioner borden: i think
attention. the structure is what the vendors in the area of use that have been there for years without permits, a voter- protected squatters. the issue monday was a result of the sf pd tearing down and breaking our easy-ups. when we went back to pick them up, they were rendered unusable. as the night went on, the sergeant came through at around 10:15. if we talked with him numerous times and had supervisor avalos on the phone at the same time. on numerous occasions, sergeant tom was unaware of who above him had issued the order for him to come down and even to us. he did not have a written statement of what we were being evicted and gave us three minutes to comply. when we ask for a written statement of why we were getting evicted, he said he did not need to present one. i do not believe that is legally acceptable. after he left, the next thing we saw was full riot gear armed police markings -- marching through our camp. i was on the front line. i was one of the first people being knocked over. i had a backpack on and my hands were full of grocery bags. i was not 10 feet back and kicke
artists. welcome to the show, deborah. tell us how this program began 20 years ago. >> the program began 20 years ago. our founder was an environmentalist and an activist and an artist in the 1970's. she started these street sweeping campaigns in the city. she started with kids. they had an exhibition at city hall. city officials heard about her efforts and they invited her to this facility. we thought it would coincide with our efforts to get folks to recycle, it is a great educational tool. since then, we have had 95 professional artists come through. >> how has the program changed over the years? how has the program -- what can the public has an artist engage with? >> for the most part, we worked with metal and wood, what you would expect from a program like ours. over the years, we tried to include artists and all types of mediums. conceptual artists, at installation, photographers, videographers. >> that has really expanded the program out. it is becoming so dynamic right now with your vision of interesting artists in gauging here. why would an artist when to come here? >> mainly, a
>>> demonstrators protesting new us a stairity measures now clashed with riot police in athens. the final vote for a bill that includes new tax hikes and salary cuts is scheduled on thursday. welcome to "news line." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. tens of thousands of people walked off the job. the action is part of a two-day strike ahead after crucial vote in parliament on a new round of salary cuts and tax hikes. >> descending on the streets if central athens to take part in the demonstration. >> the nationwide strike began on wednesday morning when public trsport and other workers left their workplaces in response to calls from labor unions. in athens, more than 120,000 people took to the streets in the largest protests since the greek debt crisis surfaced in 2009. but the demonstrations turned violent when some of the protesters started smashing store windows and throwing fire bombs at police who responded with tear gas. the greek parliament gave initial approvement to a new round of austerity measures on a vote on wednesday. a final vote is scheduled for thursday. measur
of militia men stopping to show us the video footage that you mentioned. it is rather gruesome and we haven't been able to independently confirm but it shows the body of what looks like gadhafi, either in the back of a vehicle or on the ground shirtless with blood around his head. he appears to have a bullet hole in his neck or back of his head. we met militia men that reportedly saw the bodies of his son, also in the back of an ambulance. and then we -- militia men with tokens of items that belongeded to gadhafi including a ring and hat and 9 millimeter gun and bottle of shampoo taken from his hideout in sirte. >> as you're mentioning, the u.s. government has not confirmed this death as of yet. as you have been speaking with those militia men on the side of the road, as you've been taking that trip to misratah have they indicated, any of them, that they doubt the reports that are out there right now that indeed gadhafi is dead. >> no, there's been no expression of doubt. the one thing we have been very certain about with our reporting is the mood. everybody here is excited, jubilant and re
to the building. the project complies with all planning code criteria for use. the department has contacted the department of public health and the police department and neither agency has concerns about the applicant proposed for massages use. the applicant proposes an expansion of the massager use within an existing establishment as it exists. it meets all of the planning code. i would be happy to answer any questions that we have. president olague: progress sponsor? -- project sponsor? >> good evening. we believe the motion in our application speaks very clearly so i will keep my comments brief. this business is a money-losing operation. they are not able to meet projected revenues due to the current allowed allocated use. the floor space available is allocated for demands that do not exist. where demand exists, there is not enough for space. this application will allow them to adjust and meet market demand, and prevent the loss of a small business, prevent layoffs, and create future job opportunities. i am happy to have any -- i am happy to answer any questions you may have. president o
with what you are doing and what you are saying. let us have the right to sit on the ground in a park that our tax dollars pay for. our tax dollars pay for it. your tax dollars pay for it. he can join us if you want. -- you can join us if you want. [applause] you can take off your badge and you can join us if you want. i would love to have you. you are my brother. the lady who is not paying attention to me in the pink shirt, i love you. >> i cannot respond to you. >> but you are responding to me. sir, i love you, you are my brother. ma'am, i love you, you are my sister. what we need to do is come together. we need to stop this. it is not all i have to say, but i only have 20 seconds left and i'm not trying to get dragged out of here because i know exactly what you guys would do if i took away too much of your time. you already showed me what you do if we do not do what you want us to do. we are asking for an occupation as free human being to have free spirits and freeze -- and free got rid give us an opportunity to be human beings on this planet. stop trying to oppress us. s
-american democracy. >> senator mark kirk, appreciate your insights. moammar gadhafi is dead. that's all for us. erin burnett. "up front" starts right now. >>> we're on the front line in tripoli, moammar gaed avenue shot dead today. libyans celebrating through the night. we'll follow the oil money tonight and the bottom line on gadhafi's death. is this proof that american power is rising? let's go "out front." -- captions by vitac -- >>> "out front" tonight, gadhafi is dead. libyan dictator moammar gadhafi killed today after 42 years of rule. we have video in tonight from misrata that shows the body of moammar gadhafi. the video is graphic. it is disturbing and it is not appropriate for all viewers. in the video which we are going to show you now, several fighters are seen surrounding the corpse shouting slogans. they're shouting allah akbar, god is great. others saying the blood of martyrs are not in vain. he has wounds on his face including one on his forehead. gadhafi was reportedly killed by a bullet to his head near the hometown of sirte. we'll show you another video taken as he wa
to the libyan capital right now where dan rivers is in tripoli for us. dan, we're about to show our viewers of video of a bloody moammar gadhafi after the capture while he's still alive. what do you know about gadhafi's final moments? >> reporter: well, this video does shed some light on it. it's tough to watch. but i think it's important to have a look at this. you can clearly see that gadhafi is alive when you look at this footage. he is being led away. he looks like he's got a lot of blood on his face. but he is clearly alive. at this point. it seems then that at some point between this video being taken and a subsequent video being taken that he clearly died. now, whether he died of his injuries he sustained when shot, some sources have us believe or whether he was literally beaten to death by this mob of ntc troops sort of pistol whipped to death, we don't know. but clearly here, he seems alive. you get a real visceral sense from this footage of just how roughly he was handled here. naturally perhaps one can imagine that the passion is running so high, but also, i have to stop for that
. officials say the dictator died after two months on the run at the hands of revolution fighters but u.s. officials have not confirmed that but these are believed images showing muammar qaddafi bloody and struggling up against the front of a truck. it is not exact clear how he died but u.s. officials say a fresh fighter jet and an american predator drone fired on his convoy before fighters on the ground reportedly pulled muammar qaddafi from one of the cars. >> somebody shot him. by gun. >> he is definite. it is muammar qaddafi. he saw muammar qaddafi? >> yes. you hit muammar qaddafi with your shoe? >> yes! >> this man hit muammar qaddafi with his shoes! >> this amateur video suggests it was a brutal death for the man who ruled libya for 42 years. president obama calls this is momentous day for libya. >> this marks the end of a long and painful chapter for the people of libya who now have the opportunity to determine their own destiny in a new and democratic libya. >>trace: president obama dubbed him the mad dog of the middle east and was linked to several terror plots including the 1988
of u.s. government bonds after a credit rating agency downgraded u.s. debt in early august. the latest data released by the u.s. treasury department on tuesday show that china's holdings of u.s. treasures fell to $1.173 trilli37 trillion at f august. that's down from $1.173 trillion a month earlier. this marks the first time this china has sold so many u.s. treasures in a single month. we spoke to christian carillo, director of asia pacific interest rate strategy at societe general securities in tokyo on what the impact on markets might be. >> the chinese, the pboc and its international reserve arm, are in the process of diversifying away from u.s. treasuries. this is mainly a result of their policy to try to realign their exchange rate at a more acceptable level in the international market. so it's normal for chinese authorities to be opportunistically trying to sell holdings of u.s. treasuries and buy other things. the u.s. is still a major currency in international markets, not only because of the ratings themselves but also because of the uses of the u.s. dollar both in investment
anniversary is very special for us. this year, we have more marines and navy personnel, and coasties and we have ever seen before. it is growing. it has been a tradition and it is also something we chairs, being part of a great city and country. i want to make sure we understand that this has been and always will be our opportunity to honor the men and women in our military for their dedication and devotion. san francisco will always carry on this tradition in the best way possible. thank you all for coming. [applause] this is also a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the very first navel-aviation exercise to take place in 1911 right off the san francisco bay. there is so much more to recognize. we have the return of the uss carl vinson. that is special for us. in 1984, mayor feinstein help us celebrate and adopt it as one of our own in san francisco with its crew. we have made it our own. i want to welcome them back. i want to make sure you know that our navy personnel have been so much a part of the tradition. they have shown their dedication by working with our local nonprofits and
to the citizens who elected us that it is necessary to pass through this difficult phase. this is the only way to avoid an even worse fate. >> greeks what none of it. they are facing job losses for 30,000 public sector workers as well as new taxes. that is why they send a message the only way they can. the package of cuts are a precondition for greece getting their hands on the last amount of bail of funds they need. >> major unions promise even bigger protests for tomorrow. for more, we spoke to our correspondent in athens and asked what we can expect. >> well, there is a call by the communist union to actually surround parliament in order to keep mp's from being able to make their way there and cast a vote on a very controversial new round of austerity that the government is desperate to vote through parliament tomorrow. the unions have vowed that they will try to circle parliament to prevent the mps from voting this. rallies are expected at the capital throughout the capital. there is anger on the streets of athens. >> is there a fear that worst violence might erupt after the clashes that w
have worked on the planning for the use of these funds, are here today. i would like to invite them up to discuss in greater detail the programs to be used with these funds. i would also support having a few district 10 residents in the public comments section. thank you, madame chair. supervisor chu: thank you, a supervisor. i believe that we have karen, from dph. >> i also serve as the department's representative as appointed by the board of supervisors. i am encouraged by the supervisor talking about the original ordinance of 2009, which ask for these specific improvements. all -- it also asked for this tax force. -- task force. i was a part of that meeting held in the community, which had community input. that meeting greatly informed our decision on how to create criteria. people really spoke out about creating projects that builds capacity in the community and had the potential to last beyond three years. also, the discussion, of course, was focused on health and how we can improve ad smut and other diseases. it was a great process in which there was a lot of input and terrific w
in contact with us. thank you very much. >> i am terry jones and i have been marching with occupy san francisco. i am so happy after going to so well arranged demonstrations against the invasion of iraq, all of those demonstrations did nothing. i am in all of the members of this movement that just take the space, and take the time at a time in history when corporations and the rich are taking all of the space, and taking all of the time away from us. i am just amazed by the members and appreciate listening to all of them and have been so deeply shocked at hearing what san francisco, the rulers of san francisco are doing. it is out of the spirit of san francisco. these people need our support. these people need to be nurtured. they are involved in an beautiful experiment, trying to envision a just world and they need to some support, and they need to have a roof over their heads, even if this is just fabric. it is shocking that our city will not allow us to have this, and that the mayor, who is responsible. whose side are you on? >> the next speaker? i am carolyn miers, a citizen in su
to adjust according to the notice? i want to ask about property being damaged. i know you spoke about using a scalpel approach, and i want to know if that was applied on sunday night and what is the impulse is going forward. >> there was one speaker who at 2:00 was told they were provided with written notice. i had asked that the leaflets, i am just going to go by that particular speaker. at least one person was noticed, and i would assume more, and that went on through the day. as far as the damaged property goes, i think anyone who has seen in the video clips, it was a rather hectic situation, and if something was damaged, there is a claims processo that occupy sfers can avail themselves of if someone's personal property was damaged. that was the first i have heard of something being damaged. >> when there is notice given not to protesters or a plan for what happened on sunday, would you please let us know, because i know that we are going to get an earful, and for us to find out afterwards, we cannot be too careful. >> i am happy to do that as long as everyone understands such a notice w
editor. thank you both for joining us. let's replay what we know at this point to be reported. a lot of this gun battle happened in sirt. we know the rebels focused long on that part of libya and now it is reported the body of gadhafi, his son and one official. >> i have been speaking to the rebel standers and the details will emerge in the coming hours. there is particularly two brigades involved in this attack and it took place as we understand it in an animal feed factory in the southwestern part of the city of sirt. they noticed suspicious activity and reports of them trying to leave sirt. they engaged these armed men and they didn't know gadhafi could have been in the building or in the vicinity. >> they no idea gadhafi was with that group. >> right. it has been under somewhat of a siege with the rebels. they were prepared that somebody cab trying to escape. that's what they did. they engaged the people and at the end of the fight that lasted from 30 to 45 minutes. they had ka dafy in their hands. >> what are about the nato air strike that took place around the same time and tar
of the corner package liquor stores better their, and no one else can make use of this liquor licenses, so those stores remain there. so some of the liquor light that folks were trying to get rid of are now perversely encouraged. this is a good start, and i am very supportive, but i will continue to advocate for a repeal of the sud, and a look forward to the continuing conversations. supervisor cohen: thank you. he took a couple of my talking points. i just wanted to share that if there is anyone else there who would like to open up appallingly in district 10, i am willing and available to work with you to make that happen. i want to encourage whoever is listening who may be looking to make another business venture to venture a little bit further south. the dog patch never had this up- and-coming, thriving, and beautiful. so i just wanted to put that out there. if things do not work out and stick, i want to to know that i am here to help as well. i would also like to echo some of the concerns that scott wiener articulated. i think he invented a new word called liquor polite. i
time. for more, let's bring in two experts on the region. with us one of the world's most distinguished war correspond epts, janine digiovanni. joining us from paris and the "new york times" columnist nick christoff. good afternoon to both of you. nick, a 42-year dictatorship broad to a bloody end. were you surprised at how gadhafi met his fate? >> well, it looked for a while as he might indeed be in sirte and seen that it was going to fall at some point. so in that sense it seemed more a matter of time, but it certainly is -- nobody wants to see his grave or anybody's grave, but it's a relief to everybody who has watched everything unfold. >> you watched the visit to libya and you describe a country haunted by the ghosts of gadhafi's reign of terror. is the widespread celebration a mark of how he terrorized his people? >> reporter: martin, i think we have to remember for 40 years, people were deeply traumatized by gadhafi. they lived in a world of silence and fear and a world where they cooperate speak and had no vote. they were terrified of being taken away and tortured and killed and
the stock. >> tom: then, talking tough on trade to boost the u.s. economy. >> i want to see fair trade policies, and if they're not going to be fair, you cut it off or you tax the hell out of them. >> tom: coming up, our interview with real estate mogul donald trump. it's "nightly business report" for thursday, october 20. this is "nightly business report" with susie gharib and tom hudson. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. captioning sponsored by wpbt >> tom: good evening, everybody. susie gharib is off tonight. i'm joined by suzanne pratt in new york. it's solid sales for microsoft in the company's most recent quarter. >> suzanne: tom, firms are buying microsoft's office and server software, and that business offset weak consumer demand for p.c.s. microsoft earned 68 cents a share in its fiscal first quarter, in line with wall street forecasts. revenues, however, were a bit better than expected, coming in at $17.3 billion. >> tom: microsoft shares traded slightly lower aft
, being part of decision making that makes us that much more higher level ready responsible. i think it takes everybody not only talking about this. it takes an attitude where this is part of the way we live in the bay area. we have to be better prepared. this is our responsibility as says it -- as citizens to work together, to bring down the communication barriers, and have an attitude that we will overcome any disaster because we're working together to strengthen every place that we live and work in order to school in. >> if we still have someone in the audience with a microphone, we would be -- is there someone here who still has the microphone? a and theirh, a nice person with a microphone. -- ah, there is a person with a microphone. there must be at least one question here for our panel. they have answered every single thing that you ever thought about your entire life? no. here is the question. and from a famous person. here we go. >> governor barbara -- barbour said will have a big catastrophe, it is going to encompass one city usually, so he thinks a governor should be in cha
the kinds of questions that come up in the course of a crisis and how we can answer them. for us, this is to get inside of a boiling water reactor and understand where the key levers are in terms of what affects temperature and pressure. there are four reactors present. they performed as designed when the earthquake hit. in other words, they shut down. what you saw released reflect only 7% of the potential energy that could have come from those reactors. still, it was substantial enough to cause measurable contamination in the atmosphere. now, we are trying to understand trends over time. but we realized was that the heat coming from the reactor would dissipate. but we needed to stabilize the situation on the ground to allow for that key to dissipate over time. the alternative was to flood the reactor. the concern with that strategy is that although it would put the temperature into a controllable situation sooner, it would provide far more contamination into the environment, which was already at an intolerable level. so, we went digging into understanding what radio isotopes wer
. the city needs to stand down, let us speak, let us organize, you have been harassing us, and this has been a course of conduct to suppressed our first amendment right. you need to stop. >> i am with occupy sf. many people would like the movements to maintain a laser beam focus on a wall street and on the over 3500 million mayors of san francisco, but there is an urgent and dire need to deal with what has been happening for the past 22 days. on sunday night, we nearly became the first place where a city killed in occupier. it may sound melodramatic, but i would like to take a quick poll. who was genuinely afraid that they would be run over by a truck on sunday night? who is genuinely afraid when they had a grenade launcher with multiple barrels pointed at them? we did not know what was then that multiple barrel grenade launcher. we hope that with teargas. there was a bizarre tactic at charging through a crowd, knocking people over when they were not able to run fast enough while trucks raced behind them at very high speed. a friend of mine was severely bruised when he was knocked over and r
bag that many communities used to transport laundry and laundromats to buy groceries and such. she created a little installation kind of mucking up the interior of a household, covering up as many objects that are familiar to the i and the fabric. fourth area of investigation that the exhibition looks at is the larger concerns of the asian and latin communities intersecting with popular cultur one best example -- when he's exemplified is what you see when you enter into the culture. >> this piece refers to restaurants in tijuana. when you are driving, to speak chinese and you read chinese characters. you see these signs. i was trying to play with the idea of what you see and the direction you read. when you start mixing these different groups of people, different cultures, i like the idea. you can comment on somebody else's culture or someone else's understanding about culture. >> one of the hopes we have for visitors is that they go away taking a better understanding with the broadest and the breadth of issues impacting both the asian and latin communities here in california and h
and even abroad, it doesn't surprise any of us. i asked the city to be measured and smart in recognizing the frustrations that continue to accommodate in a way that none of us should be surprised. that we have been subverted in our ability to attend to the needs of the people. we rely on the people at state and federal to do what we think is right and it should not be a surprise that people are taking to the streets. [applause] don't applaud. i rise because i am submitting a piece of law today that comes after many years of us trying to figure out a way that we could really make an impact on reducing recidivism in san francisco. we have tried many different strategies, and thus trying to improve public safety by getting to the core of what continues to exacerbate the challenges of public safety. the 7 it is police department and the san francisco district attorney prosecutes. when you recognize that fact, the reality that san francisco has the unemployment rate, general population unemployment rate hovering between 9% and 10% as we try to get around the economic woes. in many areas where
morning. i am jennifer franciotti at. >> i am stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> i will take the cooler temperatures to lose the rain. >> it will be chilly but dry. will be kind of a windy day. a cold front is going through right now. 62 are out at the airport. the wind is starting to pick up. a mixture of sun and clouds. about a 30% chance for a shower this morning. the wind is a bigger story. high temperature in the 60's. we will come back and detail the forecast for the weekend. first we say good morning to sarah. >> we start with the most recent accident at harford road south of 152. you may start to see some delays. if you travel out of the northeast on 95 down towards the white marsh area, you will tap the brakes just a bit. in terms of other problems, we have an accident at coldspring and greenspring. so far so good on the west side. 140 reisterstown, fire activity. another problem involving a water main break. sacred heart is closed. in the white marsh area, you can see the volume is picking up. we had two accidents and they have been cleared on the eastboun
of his death but it was not immediately available. >>> jj green joins us in studio to talk more about what has happened and what all this means good morning thanks for running over from top to join us. first of all, everything we said is that your understanding what happened there? >> yeah, in addition this photographic evidence they were talking about i did see a photograph this morning. >> you did. >> it is not confirmed it is gadhafi looks like him but you know photographs can be deceptive but i believe that is what they are referring to in terms of footage, of photographic evidence there is the understanding that this convoy was attacked he was part of this convoy, i have spoken with u.s. officials this morning who are slow to say anything about this saying it is too early to confirm or make statements but they are on the ground trying to figure out what this situation is. i understand as well, that there is some question about what type of nato asset it was that struck this convoy was it a drone, was it a u.s. drone, was it a plane exactly what it was but pretty much everything y
to get the giggles because the good times go with a couple of clowns like us couple of clowns like us ♪ baby face, you've bot the cutest little baby face ♪ >> if you're seeing us right now, your tv must be on. that's good. please keep watching. >> when it comes to infants and toddlers and tv, doctors say keep them apart. dr. timothy johnson explains. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics rermd that children under 2 years of age watch as little tv as possible. it's an important period in the child's develop. they say activities such as playing, listening to music, and interacting with others are far more valuable in the development of a child's brain. after reviewing studies of so-called "children's educational television" they say there is significant evidence to support the current recommendations. 90% of pirnts say their children under 2 watch some form of electronic media created just for them. positive effects are still in question, the benefits of parent-child interaction have been proven. so instead of putting children in front of the tv l
of san antonio texas. this is a town of campbellton. the u.s. geological survey says it is the largest quake to hit the area since '93. the earthquake was just over two miles deep and caused the brief evacuation of the federal building in downtown san antonio. welcome back. let's continue on in the breaking news on this thursday. the latest on the death of moammar gadhafi. president obama speaking within just this past hour in the rose garden. take a listen. >> today government of libya announced the death of moammar gadhafi. this marks the end of a long and painful chapter for the people of libya. who now have the opportunity to determine their own destiny in a new and democratic libya. >> no details from the president as to exactly how gadhafi died. there are clearly many, many questions about that. i want you to take a look at that. this footage shot today in gadhafi's home town. sirte. it appears to show gadhafi in custody and still alive up against that truck. it is jumpy, hard to follow. we do see this man purportedly gadhafi, in this semi upright position. clearly under duress.
bombed u.s. soldiers in a berlin disco. three people died. hundreds more were hurt. but his most infamous attack came in 1988 when he orchestrated the bombing of pan am flight 103 over lockerbie, 270 people died, most of them american. this is susan cohen from jersey. her 20-year-old daughter died in the bombing of flight 103 and today she says she's buying an expensive bottle of champagne to deliberate his death. tonight there are few tears falling for gadhafi. instead, people cry for his victims. in libya, they cry tears of relief and possibility because without the specter now of a ruthless man lurking in the shadows, their lives and their destinies are now their own again. we have team fox coverage now. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon for us tonight. ed henry is at the white house this evening. shannon bream is in our washington news room and jonathan hunt is here in new york. let's begin in a cube with david pipe who are is streaming live from tripoli. david? >> hi. the traps transitional council is claiming gadhafi was killed in the crossfire during his arrest rather than being
celebrating the 100th anniversary of the u.s. navy and all of its flight acrobatics sector. this has got to be an incredible location. i am looking forward to going out there and listening to, very closely, but each one of these leaders will say so clearly as i arrived at the facility and the place where the emergency services were coordinated and how each one of the units, whether it was the fire, or people like our own chief, or whenever it was, dealing with the people that came to see me from the coast guard, or the people that called me from other regions. speaking of coast guard, police officers, whatever, i saw your chief of police and he had less hair than i had. mr. mayor, i saw your chief of police and he had less hair than i had. i trust there is a level of stress that costs you your hair. you should do something about giving us the kind of guidance that will allow other responses and give us the assurance of all can be well as we go about meeting the potential that may be hours, in case of any form of an emergency. i welcome each and every one of you and am looki
back. terror was used as a political weapon. today, we can definitively say the good of the regime has come to an end. the last major strongholds have fallen. the new government is consolidating control over the country in one -- and one of the world's longest-serving dictators is no more. >> one of the american politicians who pushed hardest for the u.s. to get involved in the nato mission is senator marco rubio of florida. he joins me from capitol hill. thank you for joining me. you have been a firm advocate of the nato mission. i imagine you feel this justifies your position. >> this is an opportunity for the libyan people to turn the page. i think all the credit belongs to them for taking up this cause. obviously, i know they are grateful for the help from nato, but this is a day i am happy for the libyan people. they have an opportunity to build a free and prosperous libya. >> the canadians have already said they think they will and their military involvement in the next couple of weeks. nato is meeting tomorrow in brussels. do you think it is time for the international community
of the battlefield in libya, richard engel here in studio with us. richard, for most of our adult life really, an era is over. >> most libyans never knew another leader. these are shocking images that will resonate not only around the middle east but around the world. an arab dictator killed by his own people. gadhafi's final moments, injured, dazed, manhandled and dying, captured by rebels who prop him up on the hood of a car to take pictures, proof of life, but he wouldn't live much longer. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: news of gadhafi's death triggered wild celebrations across libya. he was killed in sirte, his hometown, in a neighborhood called district 2. fighting there has been intense for weeks. the reason is now obvious. the rebel assault devastated district 2, so today moammar gadhafi tried to escape. in a convoy with body guards he attempted to slip out of sirte, but the convoy was spotted and u.s. officials say targeted by a nato air strike. gadhafi survived the strike. witnesses say he managed to crawl to a nearby drainpipe under a bridge. it was there, in a pipe, that the former dictator was
. good morning, everybody. thanks for being with us. i'm mara tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. this morning, moammar gadhafi, one of the longest serving dictators in the world is now dead, killed in his hometown after months in hiding. >> the news confirmed by libya's prime minister is changing the landscape of the country and impacting politics throughout the world. we are waiting for a special report any minute from the nation's capital, but first, nbc bay area's steve handles it man is live in washington, d.c. this morning with the latest on the capture and death of gadhafi. >> marla, and jon. good day to you. here in washington, any moment now, president obama will come out into the rose garden at the white house, no doubt to not only confirm that the u.s. government now officially is saying that moammar gadhafi is dead, but to comment on it because in the view of many worldwide, the dictator is gone because of what barack obama did, and there's satisfaction here in washington today because a limited u.s. role, a limited u.s. military role seems to have come to a satisfactory conclusion
that afternoon i am steve sanders >>and i'm dina bair we thank you for joining us >>the top story is muammar gadhafi was killed today after an air strike on his convoy a ... we have a disturbing image that appears to confirm his death ... details of the events that led to his killing are still coming in ... but it is believed that muammar gadhafi tried to make an early morning escape from the compound where he was hiding near sirte. he was stopped by a nato airstrike and captured our role forces who found him wounded and hiding in a drainage tunnel senator john mccain welcomed the news but cautioned that libya still has lots of work to do >>this is just the beginning we know how hard democracy is and will need lots of assistance necessarily an aid money but in other ways that we should be eager to provide when news broke of muammar gadhafi staff libyans erupted in celebration. he ruled libya for 42 years. three of his children have fled the country at least three of his sons a thought to be dead. joining us now is our terrorism analyst, depaul professor tom mockaitis >>there were repor
impact us. it does impact more than one operational unity, we may acquire additional resources, people, or supplies. we activate to an alert level and who think differently of how we maintain operations. there has been flooding within san francisco. not everything goes downhill, and it has caused some flooding. we have had to activate and we are not able to get resources between our campuses. again, i wanted to share that there are things other than mass casualties that we are preparing for. we have a great relationship with the city agency and partners within the community that help us do better planning. >> the governor is a former governor of the great state of wisconsin, president and ceo of a matrix, a possessor of one of the lumber resonate as i have read and quite a while. balancing wisconsin's budget without raising taxes. so perhaps we can pick his brain for a different kind of disaster response, but that is for a different discussion, i suppose. it is a leading global technology that can conduct operations in six continents. he will tell us about the work of a matrix. >> i wo
preparedness to throughout the city departments, using homeland security funds to conduct training, planning, and exercises, as well as bridges valuable in equipment. since 2003, san francisco and the bay area region have received approximately $322 million in home and security grants for that training and equipment. some of our other major a compliment stock -- accomplishments include renovating the emergency operations center, adding state of the art technology and equipment. we have continued to revive our disaster council, which i had, and expanding the council to include not only our emergency management partners, but the nonprofit community, labor, and business associates. purchasing major emergency response equipment, using homeland security grants, that include field care clinton costs -- clinics and kicked -- care shelters. i have been training people to help our department of public health build those filled care clinics in precisely the time it takes in a very quick fashion. we're training people and volunteers to do that exactly, and we have urged the national weather service des
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